This is the largest apartment in Istanbul, designed by Ganna Studio. It’s a contemporary building that occupies a surface of 260 square meters. It’s situated in the heart of the European Union capital of Ankara, and it’s only a glass illusion. The real reason behind this unusual design is to maximize the views of the II F Turkey Stadium. Considering the ancient history of this area, the architects had to find a way to incorporate that into their new project.

The apartment is located on the second floor of the building. It offers beautiful views of the Old City and the rest of the European capital. Nothing is ever wasted here, and there are always things that are stored or kept in order.

The internal structure and structure of the apartment changes with each day. This type of division creates several areas, each with its own function. In the morning the bedroom is like a room with a glass wall that allows one to admire the surroundings and to feel like they’re part of it. In the evening the room is like a room that might have been left empty for no good reason.

Overall, there’s a clean and simple décor that makes the apartment feel very cozy and inviting. The exposed brick walls have a raw look and together with the pine paneled ceiling create a rustic feel. Throughout the apartment there are all sorts of colorful decorations, fixtures, furniture and accessories that;;given how many different colors the apartment has.

Mezzanine Level Of The Ganna Studio In Istanbul Photo 4

Mezzanine Level Of The Ganna Studio In Istanbul Photo 5