The stair and its structure are very important in any home, not only for functional reasons, but also for creating a unique and interesting way of having easy access to higher floors. Antonio Martins, a Brazilian architect, took inspiration from conventional staircases and transformed them into unique architectural pieces.

The staircase has a rectangular plan, having in the middle a tall central support column and with steps making up the vertical structure. In this particular case the stairs are being used as readjusted steps, with the column creating a series of suspended zones, providing small private nooks for the inhabitants to rest their feet on.  The seating area is a shared space and by having the columns merged into one single form, the staircase becomes a sculpture, like a painting. This is all possible thanks to its imaginative structure and design.

Unique Stair Design By Antonio Martins Photo 2

This apartment is perfect as a place for relaxation and even entertainment.The apartment is situated in a building that has a continuous facade rotating open to outside, through which we can enjoy the Mediterranean climate.The views from the living are spectacular and the Mediterranean garden is the perfect place to spend time and admire the city.