One of the most distinctive features of city living is the graffiti. The creativity of a graffiti artist can be seen all over the city, that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual paintings or the pictures taken by them. In Belgium, Bruno Helbo, the owner of this apartment, has found a very unusual and unique way of displaying his work.

The owner came up with the idea of creating graffiti on the ceiling. It wasn’t actually that elaborate. The idea was to draw attention upon the ceiling and to point out the parts of the apartment that might have been overlooked by the previous renovation. The artist chose a bold style for the cause and, as you can see, everything he put on the ceiling is different and unique. It’s an unusual way of showcasing his art collection and I can easily see why. In this area, the walls are almost entirely covered with graffiti and all art work is there to attract attention. I wouldn’t mind being there and creating this gallery.