Located in the West Village, in Manhattan, New York, the coffee station from Soho is the new concept one of this cosmopolitan landmark that has been envisioned and designed by New York based international design firm Vara.

It is a simple, classy, and effective aesthetic that enhances the experience of the place where you are going to meet the coffee master. As the coffee station plays host to all the necessities, this essential furniture has been designed cleverly placed in the middle of the space.

It features two long benches that give you a comfortable space to rest your feet for a while and a marble top, providing a unique and elegant touch to the place. All the accessories found inside the coffee station are stainless steel appliances and glass shades so that you can have all the comfort that is needed.

It is the perfect item that can perfect your life become more pleasant and you will find the perfect furniture to satisfy all your needs. It is also available in black and white and would be a perfect choice for a historic home.