Today we’re going to take a look at the Skiles Modular wall unit. It’s a stylish and very elegant unit that was designed by Andreas Karson and Vlara Bergquist. The combination of wood and metal gives the unit a balanced and elegant look. The unit creates a continuous design, requiring no mounting hardware. Also, it can be custom made to suit the space that it’s placed in.

The unit is available in oak wood, natural ash, and white finishes. The simplicity of the design makes the unit very versatile and easy to match with any type of interior design. The exposed hardware gives the unit a clean look and a versatile look. The shadows made it extra elegant and stylish. The unit presents a series of panels and square blocks that are often used to create a fireplace effects. The finish of the panels varies according to the client’s preference.

The overall dimensions of the Skiles Modular wall unit are 80 x 55 x 30 cm. It can be purchased at the price of EUR105.79. The panels vary in color. They include either light blue, burgundy, mauve, yellow or white. The unit also features four storage compartments, of two types: two spacioussf and two sparse enclosures. It’s a simple and beautiful piece that would look great in both traditional and modern homes.