The Plant Stand is a small but very cute and interesting piece of furniture. It has a compact design and it’s very functional. This simple-looking plant stand can be easily put in any corner of the room and it would look lovely in between two window nicks or in a small door sill. It has a metal frame and a simple but chic design.

The Plant Stand was designed by Allison Glenn and has a surface of 40cm by 30cm, it has a smooth and shiny surface and it’s available in several colours. It has a rounded shape and a compact shape which makes it perfect for the sockets, batteries and wires. It’s made of metal and painted black and it has a textured design. The stand is made of metal and it comes with a battery and a cord and a switch. Each stand comes with a black nylon plug.

The great thing about this stand is that it’s very simple and you can also choose to display it where you want. In order to do that you need to drill a hole in the wall and to make sure you’re not big enough. Then you can use a ruler to measure where you want the stand to be. The stand is made of metal and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.Available for €57.

Modern Plant Stand By Allison Glenn Photo 3