These are the new wine cabinets designed by Giemmegi Pons for Aldo & Ellisse. The cabinet doors come in bright colors (pink, red, blue, white) and offer a multitude of storage solutions, such as glass, metal, lacquer, painted MDF, and composite materials (wood, glass, metal, lacquer).

Simple and functional, the Aldo & Ellisse wine cabinets are a great complement to any modern space. The new cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your purpose. The Aldo cabinet (above) is particularly useful in a smaller space, as large antique drawers are not practicable.

The Ellisse cabinet is elegant and stylish, with drawers that are perfect for storing wine. The cabinet below fits perfectly into a textured space, making it look like the furniture is a large piece of canvas.

And if you need more space to store your wine collection, there is the Chintaly Buck unit, which also offers a large storage space.

The best part is that both units come with functional door handles, so you don’t have to worry about a sliding drawer that would ruin the aesthetic appeal of your beautiful wine cabinets.