There was a time when unexplained injuries in the bathroom became more frequent than usual. But all this was unrelated to the underlying cause, the faulty pipes or the uncomfortable living environment in general. As a result, the bathroom became an area of dementia or chronic pain which couldn’t really be compared with anything else in the entire world. Even so, here’s a very interesting and unexpected explanation that might shed some light on the whole issue.

TISSIS chose a very interesting and contrasting color for this bathroom décor. The bathroom is completely white. It’s a cold color, usually and it might actually be depressing, especially for the eyes. Still, the bathroom had to be somehow colored. It’s why the designers chose to use neon yellow and black in there. If you also take into consideration that some of the walls are black, the result might be even more eye-catching and surprising. The bathroom is actually a neutral, pleasantly colorless color.

Empty Bathroom Syndrome By TISSIS – Techno Violet Bathroom Photo 2

The yellow bathroom walls definitely make the bathroom feel more friendly but they don’t necessarily have that stimulating effect. To add more color and to make the décor feel more relaxing, the designers also used orange, purple, green or magenta. The magenta wallpaper is definitely refreshing. The yellow bathroom features a very nice green mirror frame and the bright yellow bathroom walls.