Lots of people prefer a very simple and unassuming home. It’s not only because it’s safe and convenient but this style also allows you to create your own little oasis, a place that’s your little oasis. And in case you’re not convinced, take a look at these amazing examples.

This one is a barnwood house and it looks just like the little house we’ve seen in movies. It has a simple and clean look and it really feels like home, in the middle of nature.

This home is similar. It’s almost like an inviting home. It has rough wood walls and exposed beams on the ceiling and the whole atmosphere seems to be warm and cozy. It’s the perfect farmhouse-style home you want for family getaways.

Barnwood Ideas For Your Home Photo 3

This one is a tiny home but it’s not overcrowded. In fact, if I would ever leave the house, I would only want to go inside. The interior is tiny but it’s also very cozy and it makes the whole experience very enjoyable.

Barnwood Ideas For Your Home Photo 4

This farmhouse-style home is located in a small rural area where it’s typical for all rural homes. The beautiful part is that it’s not too small. In fact, it has a standard size for a home of its size. This makes it even more impressive.

Notice how all the elements combine together and form a complete and equilibrated image. It’s beautiful how the same elements were used to decorate slightly different areas and how they work together to form a balanced and harmonious image.A completely different style features prominently in this décor. The large windows let in plenty of natural light and the exposed wooden beams have a rough look. The landscape is also an important part of the décor.

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