Architects from Kababie Arquitectos have created three stunning fireplace designs, in an homage to the climate and the unique views that the Balinese-style fires provide.

The fireplace designs are meant to be admired and enjoyed not only from inside but also from external sites like terraces and rooftop areas designed to offer an enhanced and unique experience to those using the rooms.

Scandanavian Fireplaces By Kababie Arquitectos Photo 2

Three Contemporary Fireplaces in Armenia

Arasobut is a company based in Armenia with several architects and designers who work together in Mumbai, New Delhi, India. One of their most recent projects is the Ruabile Fireplaces, a residential structure with a contemporary twist.

The facade is a purposefully left-over layout: the lines between the built structure and the natural surrounding landscape disappear due to glazing loopholes and clever placement of the stairs.

The façade and the staircase are all made of one continuous glazed surface, which is then stretched and parhed.

The light that spills into the fireplace is picked up by sensors and illuminated by carbon fiber screens.

The Rombo IV, a classic fireplace in the 21st century that has its own unique style and distinctive line, is a building with a double function: it plays host to the stables, where horses and people can relax and enjoy the space, and is also a guest house when needed.

Its distinct façade gives it a look slightly different from that of most traditional fireplaces.

Metal grill

Geo form

The Geo Style Fireplace from Kababie Arquitectos is a custom designed unit which can be used as a versatile space barbecue when the weather is not suitable for smoking. It can also be used as a decorative element.

The grill area is the main attraction of this custom made fireplace and the design team intended to make it stand out by adding a large screen which slides within the fire, bringing the interior of the fireplace to a full view of the interior.

The large metal grill is expandable and the setting can be extended by using the sliding door for a customised look.

The Koprup Fire Table is a unique piece of furniture which has a black metal frame and a large circular rest in enamel, which increases the resistance. The Koprup Fire Table was designed by Carl Pavoor for Saba Italia.

Matching sets

A similar set is the V-Day Steel (Fire On Brann) charcoal grill which comes in a set of two, one with a heavy duty powder coated steel grill and one with a lighter powder coated grill. It’s available as a 4-point or 5-point unit.

The large circular grill is complemented by a large long length of chain and its overall proportions are key because this is meant to be a durable and, at the same time, very efficient grill. The grill motor can be adjusted according to the type of fire you’re using.


Point is the most basic and simplest point of an outdoor fire pit. It’s at the center of the fire, at the place at which the flames will hit. The hook that holds the point is at the center of the fire, in the solid circle shown here.

Just take a look at the construction of this point and you’ll understand what we mean. It’s basically just a solid cylinder which is built around the fire pit. This one is made of stainless steel, which is an advantage over charcoal.

The fire pit is usually placed out in the garden where you can use as a place to relax and spend a few warm warm moments. But what if you want to have a wonderful view over the surroundings? There are of course solutions for that.

For example, if you have a large garden and you want to highlight it through your fire pit, you can surround it with a deck or terrace and enjoy a wonderful view from up there.

Point is also an option for a fire pit that features a Mediterranean design and is meant to be practical.