One thing you can do to make your garden (and house, no matter the age of your kids) as lovely as it can be is to brighten up your outdoor space and throw a shade sail out the window. As summer is well-known for its blazing summer days, it makes sense that your outdoor space can amp up the fashion by adding some refreshing color to the mix. A watery, summer-inspired pool house would look stunning in your garden and backyard.

One of the easiest ways to add some summer style to your exterior is to add a large umbrella over your swimming pool. Pair that shade with a few snazzy cushions for a fun and cuddly outdoor spot to sip on afternoon frolicking beach breezes or read a book.

Some of the best beach vibes come from places where people have the ability to get creative and stretch their legs. Create a place where you can curl up and just dip your toes in the water outdoors. It can be something as simple as a beach towel rack or even a creative tile featuring colors other than blue.

If you have the ability to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces for more summer enjoyment, you can even make a larger poolside retreat. This can be yours for the summer and all you need is a good book and a pair of sturdy outdoor cushions.

If you have the ability to create a lovely garden like this one, then you can have one that blends into your indoor decor rather than standing out. This pool house features a modern design with lots of natural elements, including a natural wood dining table.

Pool House Shed Ready For A Summer Photo 5

A pool house can also be built around a large or otherwise characterized lawn. This pool house has a modern exterior but also a somewhat traditional look, especially with its gray siding. This would be an unobtrusive addition to the farmhouse-style home.

If you’re thinking of building a pool house, think more outside-the-box than usual. This design, for example, features a section that literally doubles the swimming pool area. It has a modern design and it’s actually quite large for a small property.

You can also choose to integrate swimming pools into your architecture and make them part of your design. For example, if you have a large property, you can create a small swimming pool to go along with the front deck or other spaces.

If you have a large property, you should definitely have more than one pool. Small ones are especially beautiful, especially the shape. It’s a nice way of protecting the pool space. You can have a series of geometric level and shape driftwood pools, each with a unique shape.

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