Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Homemade Ponds By Atelier Kasko Necker

Swimming pools are usually big because the big clients usually want a big swimming pool and also, when they talk about a neighborhood’s landscape and climate, they think about those who live there and they consider that whole landscape to […]

Inside Pools By CustomAmeda

The custom made pools by French designer Eva Cotman are making their way into pool environments everywhere across the globe! This stunning aqua blue pool from CustomAmeda will make the perfect addition to your swimming pool. Beyond the grandeur of […]

Reflective Pool By Menzo

The reflectance of the swimming pool is an ingenious idea that seems to cover a huge space. It was named reflection pool and it was designed by Italian company Menzo. The collection includes three collections: achievement, compliment and expansive. The […]

Diy Pool House With A Retro Interior

Everybody loves a house that has the perfect combination of traditional and modern elements. It’s especially difficult to combine the two styles so the pool house usually meets the demands of the new demands and the retro style does everything […]