Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Industrial Chic Bedroom Furniture Set

Industrial chic is a style that doesn’t really describe a certain item or piece of furniture. So some pieces are more likely to look like something you would expect to see in a particular space or to have in a […]

Floating Vanity Sink From Escho

The bathroom is the only room in the house where you can do whatever you want, as it is a solitary room so it must be designed and planned in order to free your mind and body from the traffic […]

Hideaway Desk By Niemeyer + Roos

As we have demonstrated by our articles lately, there’s no need to invest in big furniture and flashy colors when you can get a hideaway desk instead. Danish design firm Niemeyer + Roos has found a way to combine a […]

Side Table Diy By Nickmeister

A unique side table is needed for every house and every home. Here’s a nice one that would look great in any space. The ‘Nerd’ nightstand is perfect for children as it has a nice animated face and it is […]

Cool Girl Bedrooms With Twin Beds

Twin beds are a great alternative to the over couples option. The main advantage of having two beds in one is that you don’t have to choose between them and they don’t always have to be next to one another. […]