There’s a whole lot of inspiration to be found in the photos of pastel rooms. It’s hard to pick favorites when there so many going on in the same space. Let us show you some of our favorites. We have a selection of room layouts that feature beautiful colors and pleasant combinations of colors. Most of them feature a pastel palette. It’s simple yet sophisticated and it’s often used for all the rooms, including the living areas.

The colors usually chosen for the pastel interior design of a room are not bold but soft and pleasant. It’s why pastels are perfect for bedrooms as well as for other spaces. They create a soothing and warm atmosphere and they often have a soothing effect on the users.

The cool shade of pastel always matches the color of the walls. Most often, this color is light brown and blue or white. In the bathroom it’s purple or cherry red. Other shades of pastel that you can choose from include pinks, blues, greys and browns. Try to use neutrals instead of intensities and to avoid too many colors. Make sure you don’t use more than one color.{pictures from bhg}.