Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Boy Teen Rooms Designs With Unique And Fun Shapes

When decorating the kids’ rooms it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to use straight lines and geometrical shapes, sometimes you can create something a little more unconventional and playful by introducing some really fun shapes. […]

Nice Bedrooms Design Suggestions

A perfect bedroom is a one-stop-shop space that has everything you need to get your own comfortable sleep, no matter how long you are in the home. This is a false concept that has been perpetuated through many design and […]

Hello Kitty Design Apartment By Od Long

This apartment belongs to the owner of this space, a 42-year old woman who lives in the fishing village of Ala Khu. It’s a relatively small apartment, measuring 125 square meters. It had been previously decorated with traditional pieces of […]

Awesome Kids Bedrooms From Urban Barn

Kids are always attracted to unusual details that can make them feel more free and comfortable. They are attracted by colors, details, shapes and features and they really appreciate and love those particular places which make them feel safe and […]