The world is full of brave and ambitious people who want to stand out from the rest and to make something important for the whole planet. These people decide to use unconventional ideas and to come up with creative projects like this one. It’s a nidi project for the nursery. The cute and funny animal shaped decorations are actually welcome balls. It’s a very creative and original way of decorating the room.

It’s funny how cute the stuffed animal is but it also makes one feel like it’s too small for it to feel comfortable in their chest. If you decide to go with something similar in your home it would be a nice way of making the nursery feel cozy and the focus will be on the stuffed animal instead of on the walls. Since it’s a nursery and it’s meant to be cute, the stuffed animal design is easy to integrate in the décor and it also makes the room look very colorful and fun.

We have selected five inspiring nursery decorations that we think are going to make lovely additions to your home. They are: the Eats Cup – Eats Table – Eats Stool and the Caterpillar Stool.

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The Eats Cup is the smallest of all the ones presented here but it can also be bigger if you choose a different cup. This tiny crown has a ceramic base and it’s removable and foldable. Its name is Bettelux and it has a very cute design. The cup is the perfect place to put the dryer and the toaster. The Eats Cup is 12.5? high x 17? wide x 24? deep and it also has a solid hardwood & veneer construction. It has a strong, sturdy and durable wooden base with a rubber foot that makes it more resistant. The Ceramic Cups can be used as well and they can be used to cover up the table for example. They can be used to cover up the top of the table for example.

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The Caterpillar Stool is very similar to the Eats Cup. It’s a little more stylish and colorful and it’s also more versatile. It can make a great addition to the bedroom as it looks very cute. You can also use it in the kitchen where it would make a nice barstool. The different is that the Caterpillar Stool feature a hand-turned-wood base and that gives it a more interesting look.

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