This simple and yet striking greenhouse is part of a private residence in Beverly Hills, California. The greenhouse was designed by Cynthia Lynn with funds from her husband-in-law, Vincent. The house sits on a 1.3 acre site and the greenhouse is one of the rooms there. When the couple first started working on this project, it was no longer visible. The owner decided to make it her sanctuary.

The greenhouse itself is made of oak wood and has a glass enclosure that allows its contents to be visible from inside. The wooden panel replaced the roof of the house. The owner used to come here whenever she needs some fresh herbs, she then passes her umbrella to the greenhouse. It’s a very beautiful way of reusing unused materials that eventually become useful. The greenhouse also features a series of sun loungers that act as small gardens.

It was originally designed as a simple tree-house but with a very strange design and shape. It’s a way of bringing nature closer to the owners. The house even features a staircase that leads to the second floor, under the weather-friendly tree. This is another space that was designed as a micro-home. It was a project by Cynthia Lynn where the owners wanted to hide away a small space and to be able to relax and take a deep breath after a busy day at work. In the bedroom you can find the bed which has a soft and cute side table and also the bath, shower and sauna.

Modern Greenhouse By Cynthia Lynn Photo 4