The Jânir Hîmaine property, located in the French province of Limburg, is a beautiful mixed-use home that features a large residence, a guest house and a condominium with 32 luxury apartments. François Pompidou was commissioned to design the house for Mr. Hérit Janma? and his wife, entrepreneur and stylist Irismare Pompidou and the project was put on hold in December 2011, after the lawyers in charge decided not to interfere more with the property.

The property is located on the outskirts of the village of Assisi, between the Jânir family’s home and the motorway. It sits on a hilltop with a beautiful view over the surrounding area. The plot was originally part of an estate divided in two lots. The new project involved the restoration of the existing building in a contemporary way while giving the clients the possibility to cultivate their gardens and to enlarge the existing pool area.

The architects decided to try to respect the pre-existing patterns, traditions and traditional concepts related to the building and space. They helped create a connection between the interior and exterior in order to create a natural and airy design. They designed the new swimming pool as an extension of the interior living area.

The clients requested a clean and minimalistic exterior and interior design and they also wanted the house to have a very simple and modern look. To comply with these demands, the architects decided to ignore the traditional and traditional architecture of the area and to try to reinvent it. They also included several modern elements in the design and they used color to achieve a stylish and dynamic balance. The exterior is white and the background is almost entirely white. The blue garage supports the pool and it also acts as a curtain for some of the adjacent areas.

Yellow Accents Enhance The Beauty Of The French Villa Photo 4