The perfect breakfast is made to measure, according to the user’s needs and the manufacturer’s documents. The breakfast, invented by the Italian architect Alessandro Jinnas, is a very well imagined one, an illustration of a cup of healthy food without any calories and without any procedures.

Inflatable banquettes are a nice option to the breakfast waiting room. Inflatable banquettes help you get some comfort for your body and your home, because this is a place where you eat.

Round Banquettes By Alessandro Jinnas Photo 2

The innovative idea comes when you need a space where to calm down and forget about stressful things like work, or maybe just want a quiet breakfast. To make it easier, you can put them in one of these chic Underneath Underneath Banquettes.

The Underneath Banquettes are great for any kind of space, from the kitchen to the living room. This is the ideal place where you can rest, after hard days of work, and relax, or make time for a nap.

The silhouette and elegant design makes these little beds perfect for any kind of changing environment, from the nursery to the bedroom or your guest room.