Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Green Kitchen Faucet From Ritmonio

Ritmonio introduced a new kitchen faucet, Blueshift, to the market in 2009. The idea of this innovative kitchen faucet is that it is a one-off modular kitchen faucet, manufactured by Ritmonio, that is available in two designs, Bluehift and Prismat. […]

Awesome Loft Bed By John Janall

Some people are crazy about art, museums and other things. And some people are even crazy about furniture. Take for example that lady from the movie “80 Gold”. She has a total idea of how everything she wants to do […]

Overdyed Blue Rug With Gold Print

There are probably more rug designs than I can count, but every one of them is unique and special, something that no one else except you will have in your home. So why not make some yourself? And what better […]

Indoor Plant Display By Devon & Devon

If you’re looking for something different and unique, English company Devon & Devon had the perfect solution for that problem. With the help of collaborator Daniela Bock, this beautiful plant display is launched in October 2011. It was an ingenious […]

Hello Kitty Design Apartment By Od Long

This apartment belongs to the owner of this space, a 42-year old woman who lives in the fishing village of Ala Khu. It’s a relatively small apartment, measuring 125 square meters. It had been previously decorated with traditional pieces of […]

Small Shelving Unit

Today we’re going to take a look at a very simple and useful piece of furniture that has a storage shelf element for displaying books. It’s a small shelving unit or bookcase. It’s actually more than just a bookcase. It’s […]

Statement Mirrors From Suessi Design

Have you ever thought about having mirrors in your bathroom? There’s something about mirrors being a useful accessory and can make the use of these valuable items. Besides reflecting the light, it also reflects the atmosphere making the space look […]