Some people are crazy about art, museums and other things. And some people are even crazy about furniture. Take for example that lady from the movie “80 Gold”. She has a total idea of how everything she wants to do is her own. Well, she really has an ability to make things she want by simply planning a space very carefully and then following the rule of the rules by a strict logic that actually works. And when the movie was over she took it off and the world became a much richer version of what she had come up with.

John Janall is a very special designer who succeeded to make her wish come true. She had to travel in the world and collect art for many years, which is something very necessary for an artist. But because of the passion and the extreme difference of quality she managed to create a very original and unique loft bed. It is a great loft bed, with a artistic air, that looks very well and gives you the feeling that you are in a museum, not in a home. It is perfect for the young, young adult and even a teen bedroom. It is actually a pity that we can only see it in a magazine, as it looks so great and even clear and all the sudden changes of color that appear on it. You have to admit that this is a unique home accessory, as it surely looks very artistic and stylish and is definitely a luxury item.

Awesome Loft Bed By John Janall Photo 2