Managing to fit all the furniture in a small apartment can be especially difficult. It is particularly challenging in the case of the bedrooms. The furniture needs to be appropriately sized and the space that is available for placing it decreases drastically. However, there are solutions to this problem. Space-saving furniture for small apartments has already appeared and they can be a real help.

One such solution is offered by Michael Miller. He designed a very ingenious and space-saving furniture system. This way you can have a small but well-organized storage area in your bedroom without wasting a lot of space. The solution is very simple: a storage stair. The stair is made of steel and it has a laminated wood structure. It has a compact design and it offers access to the second floor. In the middle there’s a shelf for storing cloths. Below the shelf there’s a compact storage unit with a triangular shape that contains the bedside table. It’s a great space-saving solution.

Furthermore, the stair also offers you a secret storage space. To reach the second floor we use a secret staircase. We have two shelves that are situated on opposite sides of the stair. They serve as storage spaces for books, magazines, the office, etc. The bottom shelf is for the office supplies and the top one is for the printables and other display objects. The stair was designed as a space-saving solution and it was a clever investment.

Storage Staircase By Michael Miller Photo 3

Storage Staircase By Michael Miller Photo 4