Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Convertible Bed By Myung Yunhwan

Located in Jin Ha, South Korea, this unique bed was designed by the designer Kim Yong Uk, Kim Yong El, Inho Lee and Jin Sang Gyunjin Seo from the architectural firm Myung Yunhwan. It is a convertible bed, which means […]

Stone Cottages And Gardens On Sale

If you’re looking for something a little more charming than a stone cottage or a garden, consider this beautiful area. It’s perfect for a family of three as well as for large groups of friends. Here you can find a […]

Loft Decor Ideas From Ponte Salvo

The composition of the furniture pieces is always important and in the case of a particular room it matters very much whether you choose to include a sofa, a bed or some other furniture piece. When buying furniture it’s important […]