Experiment.Design.Architect is a small team of two with a project for a minor. The team is now in residence and they are trying to produce more “nearly” styled houses. Mostly the “early” houses that are built are standardized to conform to the architectural style of the surrounding neighborhood, but not totally.

Their clients are a couple that has two children and wanted a house that would reflect that. In order to successfully achieve their objective the design team needed to work around the constraints of the plot. For that they raised the building to an almost two storey high.

Inside, all the walls were removed and a whole lot of natural light became the source of illumination. On the ground floor is the living room with an integrated kitchen, two seating areas and a bathroom. The first floor contains the bedrooms and bathrooms for the children and the main room itself houses the family area.

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The interior décor is very well balanced and features neutral color shades and natural materials. The flooring is made of oak wood and the walls are white. The cabinetry features natural wood colored floors and the furniture is modern and has simple and clean lines. The owners are a young couple that has children and grandchildren often visit them.