Decorating a pumpkin it’s not as easy as it can be, especially when you are a really creative kid. First of all, you have to make sure that the pumpkin is big enough to hold a pumpkin drink. It’s really hard to be an adult doing that. Secondly, you have to be careful that the pumpkin doesn’t fall off of the kitchen table and also not have that 3 legs that will make it look like it’s coming out of the house. I promise you none of these problems will be confrontatious with a Halloween pumpkin decor.

To make a pumpkin decor you need:

Decorate Pumpkins Ideas For Halloween Photo 2

• A pumpkin stand (in this case Maple is the best choice)
• Paint brush
• Tile or large round tiles
• Faux soil
• Tile adhesive
• Tile spacers
• Scrape or cut a scrap piece of felt or scrap paper and use it as a template for the pumpkin’s face
• Pin and glue the face onto the tiles.
• After you have glued the face onto the tiles you need to drill a little hole on the ceiling (distance under the cabinet)
• Once the pumpkin face has been drilled down you need to cover the ceiling with tile adhesive or temporary masking block and seal it. After that you need to put back the masking back on. For extra security you may need to use super glue or some surgical glue (cowhide glue works too).

• Once the pumpkin face is installed you may need to add in a spider image (created with paper plates or printer paper, sorry not that will be nearly impossible to do) or some other Halloween theme. For the spider we used some small scrapbooking paper cut into squares about the same size as the pumpkin.

Decorate Pumpkins Ideas For Halloween Photo 4

• After you have secured the spine of the pumpkin (pepper gun if needed) you may need to prep the pumpkin for paint or when its ready to be spray painted. Spray a few coats of paint, let dry and then enjoy your new pumpkin!