Nobody likes a crowded apartment. However, if you have the space, a simple coat rack could solve the problem. There are lots of DIY projects that you can try. They don’t necessarily have to be complicated. They can be simply something as simple as a wood board placed on the floor. You can mark out the center of the board and then simply glue pieces of wood or nails (or wood screws).

Here’s how you make a coat rack. First you cut the wood into pieces. You need five pieces. After you secure them together, you can start to assemble them. Use glue to coat the boards evenly and then decide which part should be the better. The bottom and the higher portion of the board have to be screwed together tightly. Then use nails to hold them in place. If you want, you can also add some hooks, screws or hangers.{found on designsponge}.

Homemade Coat Rack Ideas With No Seams Photo 2

A similar project would be this one. You need five 1×4 boards, four 1×2 boards and four wood glue and wood stain. First you attach the boards to the floor using glue and hanger screws. Then you stain them all five times. After they’re dry you can start arranging them as you wish. Then comes the fun part: gluing them together.{found on thewoodgraincottage}.

And here’s another similar example. This coat rack is made using longer pieces of wood. An L-shaped piece was cut and then vertically placed in the place it has been positioned. Glue the pieces together and then stain them. After that you just mount the coat rack on the wall.{found on homeyohmy}.