An ingenious idea, this time for the outdoors and not only. A lovely thing about this type of decorations is that the logs usually collapse, thus becoming less likely to be broken and the number of logs allowed increased. Imagine how cool this whole idea would be in a log cabin. Of course, if you already have a functioning fireplace then it’s very easy to make one yourself out of logs and rocks. For the outside you could use rocks, logs, even wood.

Fireplaces are always appreciated for their warmth, so this time we’ll take a look at a fireplace that burns ashes (made of wood) in one. This is the Petit Chimney fireplace from,brauagreen. It’s easy to assemble and durable thanks to long-lasting materials. Just place it in a corner and enjoy how functional it is.

Backyard Statues Cut From A Log Cabin In Chile Photo 3

Why have a fireplace when you can have a fireplace in the garden? This one is a great idea. It’s a stone fireplace with a wood mantel from Petite Grounder which in a way seems to be a really clever combination that allows you to have a versatile outdoor fireplace which can serve a variety of different settings and conditions both during the day and during the night.

Stone is a material that’s difficult to keep clean basically because of the radioactive tints, one of which is copper. Fireplaces and fireplaces that use charcoal as fuel make the hairs and scars easier to get on and don’t risk getting in the dirtiest areas. As for the stone fireplace mantel, that’s always an option too. This one is a nice example. Check out for more details.

Stone can also be a great material for a fireplace if the design and proportions allow it. The trick is to spread the stones in layers so they don’t get damaged by the hot fire. And even if the fireplace is not in the garden, even this option can allow you to have a lovely fireplace without sacrificing other features. Here for example the stone fireplace and the matching mailbox create a symmetrical surround with a really cool effect.

Another idea is to choose a type of stone that offsetates the heat from the flames. This stone faux fireplace look is an excellent option. Go with the classic black and white and give the fireplace’s roof a unique and Mahogany-colored look by covering it with bark.

If you want to make a statement, perhaps color can help you achieve that. This stone fireplace is quite mysterious and can potentially become a focal point for your backyard or garden. It really looks as if it’s lying on that axis, in that direction.

If you want something that stands out a bit more, perhaps texture and pattern would help. A stone fireplace with a very clean and alluring look could be the piece that your patio or backyard needed to complete.

A fireplace that’s sculptural and eye-catching like this one makes a statement regardless of the setting. It’s one of those pieces that can make a statement anywhere it goes. Place it in a traditional setting with a simple color palette.

Speaking of which, since the fireplace is usually large and can even double as a dividing screen, you can use that to your advantage and give some visual privacy to the space around it while still maintaining a 100 square meter for the whole area around it.{found on afromspets}.

A large and impressive fireplace like this one would fit wonderfully in a rustic or a traditional setting with a brick or stone surround. In fact, this style seems to be a bit more at home in these contexts than others.

A tower-style fireplace would look awesome no matter what the style is. This one is gorgeous and the trim on the mantel is perfect, featuring a vintage-modern allure. We also like the deep reddish-orange color that it has on the mantel.{found on wcarchitect}.

The muted color of this stone fireplace set is a beautiful detail. It’s a beautiful neutral and it coordinates well with the walls and the wooden mantel. The mantel can be a divided wall section and an accent color would fit just right in this case.