Children are unique creatures by nature. They are curious, curious, intelligent, but also nice and peaceful people. They stay out in which environment where they find all the help to survive. That is why they often find their own boarding space, even if it is not the most important part of the whole compound. In most cases they have their own house and even their own playground and the ones that love nature most of all will love having it as a special place where they can enjoy it as much as they can.

One of the most special kinds of yards for children is the one with turquoise splash. This is great way of coloring the entire yard and transform it into a joyful place.In Chicago, USA studio Michal Maciej Bartosz has designed a great project for a house facing west from 375$/monthly. Among the materials that has been used were hardwood from trees cropped by the site, and turquoise blue velvet from the swimming pool.

It’s a very beautiful place, that is very often used by people with children. It’s the perfect place when you want to relax, it’s the perfect place when you want to have fun, read a good book, or even just take a quick shower and prepare for the day. There’s no need to go in an emergency room because the yard is safe. It’s a very beautiful home indeed.