Located in Jin Ha, South Korea, this unique bed was designed by the designer Kim Yong Uk, Kim Yong El, Inho Lee and Jin Sang Gyunjin Seo from the architectural firm Myung Yunhwan. It is a convertible bed, which means that it has a fixed configuration, the whole structure being lightweight and able to be transformed upon Myung Yunhwan’s request.

It offers a comfortable sleeping alternative to those who cannot feel comfortable in a bed because of other distractions, being thoroughly hypoallergenic and good for the health of the duvet above the bed. It has a 70cm x30cm structure with a large mattress on top, in which rested a rolled-up tufted surface covering the back of the bed. The material used in the construction of this bed is a combination of lycra, bamboo and cotton. Because it is a convertible bed, it can be taken apart in less time than a person could drag it from the rolling bed cradle.

This beautiful bed has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, which is considerably more than the average twin-size bed. As a bed, the Lycra in particular makes it more affordable because it is upholstered and soft, available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Convertible Bed By Myung Yunhwan Photo 3