The home key is always a great treasure for anyone who uses the key. This lovely cabinet is very elegant and it was designed by The Home Key. It’s actually a very common Cabinet. It has a simple but chic design and a vintage appeal to it. The cabinet actually has a shape resembling a vintage coach box. It features 3 drawers and 2 doors and it’s available in two different finishes: espresso and white. Each type of cabinet comes with its own design and they all have similar designs.

The Coach Box is handcrafted from solid hardwood. It has an open shelf with a curved shape, perfect for storing supplies and small items. It’s the perfect place to display your favorite photos, decorations, maybe some books, collectibles or other items. The unit also has a very functional carpentry center complete with drawers that have integrated doors. The design of the Coach Box is very simple and it also features a lap top. The overall dimensions of the Coach Box are 56?W x 19?D x 32?T and it can be bought at an impressive price of $2,850.

Medicine Cabinet Design By The Home Key Photo 2

Medicine Cabinet Design By The Home Key Photo 3