Whether you’re a big fan of one-of-a-kind and unique beds or you simply have a lot of friends to sleep with, a bed that doesn’t have a headboard doesn’t really seem right. So what do you do then? You create a gallery wall where you can display all your beautiful bedding. Bambi and Boyo offer you more than that. They offer you a collection of headboard-related designs which you can display in your bedroom.

There’s also the option of using the Bambi and Boyo bed bases as headboards. They have built-in storage and headboards which make them very convenient and practical. The footboards are available in a variety of materials and colors and they match the base perfectly.

There’s also the option to have a female headboard with a inline mattress which would give the bedroom a refined look without being opulent or exquisite. This design, for example, is simple and adjustable in terms of form. It’s meant to be suitable for single or twin-sized beds and includes an inch of free space underneath the mattress which can be accessed with a ladder.

Bed Head Designs From Bambi And Boyo Photo 3

This is a fine example of a modular headboard which can be built from an existing piece of furniture. It’s an adjustable headboard which can be easily adjusted in four different ways and can reach a total of 15 cm in height. It comes in several different colors including white which is an ideal shade if you want to maintain a minimalist look in the room.

Here’s another variation of a nightstand/ bedside table. This time there’s a sliding mechanism which allows the user to reach all the top shelves and to keep the rest of the floor clean. It’s a simple and very practical design which allows you to save a lot of space and to keep the bedroom clean and organized.

A large piece of furniture can occupy a lot of space and making it seem small and cramped is not exactly an attractive image. Yet you can remedy that with a creative nightstand that lets you improvise in case you have a small bedroom. It can be a DIY piece, carefully crafted out of some wood, painted and customizing touch-sensitive barrier board or you can opt for a more versatile design that lets you amalgamate a shelf into your bed’s frame or that allows you to display a bunch of flat screens and media players in a fashionable way.