This very interesting piece is a contemporary mirrored coffee table called Mirror by Oscuro. It’s a very unconventional furniture piece for the living room. The most interesting detail about this table is its mirrored surface. There’s no visible pixels or other details and the picture is just a blurry image. It’s the natural order of the natural environment. You can also have a mirror inside your home, if not inside the house then in the backyard or in the garden under the tree.

The Mirror coffee table is a very functional piece of furniture. It has a very simple design and a contemporary look. It’s both good-looking and functional. The table is made of polished aluminum and its dimensions are LR 4-6/4? x 9-3/4?. It has a hidden drawer and a large storage compartments on the sides. It’s a simple and very practical item. If you want to maintain a minimalist look, the mirror is also available in other colors. You can also opt for a marble top if you want to create a subtle contrast of colors.

Mirror Coffee Table By Oscuro Photo 2

Mirror Coffee Table By Oscuro Photo 3