We all have moments when we need a little bit of extra storage space. We usually need a small cabinet or something similar but there’s no way to have all those things in plain sight when they’re so high up in the furniture. Here’s a solution: suspend the stairs. It’s an idea that can be adapted to a home with a high ceiling. Since the great height of the stairs allows them to have a lower impact when descending, they would all be just a miniature library.

It’s a very simple system. All you have to do is simply suspend the stairs with an electric cable from the ceiling and use them while walking up or down the stairs. The idea is very simple and it allows you to use the space under the staircase for storage. You would have to find a clever way to hide the furniture but since it’s pretty much just an exposed regular staircase, you can use the space inside.

Suspended Stairs – Dramatic And Space-saving Photo 2

In a way, it’s like living in a home in a tent because you can literally just walk up the stairs and walk down without having to go down a ladder. It’s a really simple solution with a very practical function. For these stools, the attachment of a slide-up shelf was the perfect solution. The place chosen for the slide is under the staircase.

Suspended Stairs – Dramatic And Space-saving Photo 3

If you choose to use the suspended staircase as a place for having breakfast or lunch, then you should take into consideration the fact that it allows you to have a pretty small space that can be set up in a second. It’s all just a tiny space and it’s mostly just for entertainment, a place where you can sit on your desk and work, where you can read a book or watch TV or just relax. In addition, it would also be nice to be able to use the space underneath the staircase as an extra storage area for all the gardening tools, sports equipment and other things you might want to store there.

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