French interior designer Joël Landro chose to give us an example of how you can make a bedroom look timeless. Equed to perfection, this bedroom is the perfect place for a contemporary style interior design. Furthermore, it has a small footprint, which is useful when living in a small space.

Although many people prefer modern pieces of furniture, I consider that the furniture in the modern bedrooms can make the best out of the other pieces. Also, there’s nothing wrong about using other traditional pieces, like large chests of drawers or traditional wardrobes. I especially like the large bed, that’s both decorative and functional. This is a bedroom that would make anybody feel comfortable.

The design is minimalist, modern but also welcoming. It’s a perfect example of how you can create a simple but beautiful and stylish décor. It’s actually a very romantic place, where you can refuge from the world and relax, read a good book or simply meditate. It’s definitely a great place where you can do whatever you want. The only thing that I would change about this bedroom is that it’s probably too big for two. However, it’s a open space that allows you to take a look outside, and this is the most important feature.