You might think that twin beds are not attractive but the truth is that they are very beautiful and the first reason for that is the fact that they are space-saving and very good-looking. They are perfect replacement for the regular bedding sets that you might find elsewhere in the house. The Rinke bedding twin bedding set is particularly beautiful.It features a traditional design inspired by the 1950s and 1960s art deco style.The ensemble includes a twin comforter set and matching duvet cover and shams.

The twin duvet cover measures 16? x 20? and the duvet cover is 10? square and made of 80% viscose, 20% cotton. The shams are also 10 inches square and feature the same geometric pattern. There are also two pillowcases of different sizes for each of them.This way you can arrange them in any way you want.

You can also opt for a contrasting pattern like a stripes, in which case the duvet will be crisply pressed, or you can complete the set with a matching shams. The price of the set is £84.00 and the duvet measures 66? x 35?. The duvet cover, once you order, will be automatically unsatched. If you want you can also know that your purchase fits into one of the vanity drawer lined up in the bedroom or into the washroom opening and you can remove your old duvet cover and leave it on the shelf. In the UK, postage charges are usually at three months.