You might wonder why you would need two small nightstands on a bed when you have a queen size bed. Well, it’s simple: if you live in a small apartment or house with a really small bedroom then you’ll definitely want to have some spare room for a couple of twin beds or for a side table like this one.

The twin beds are not that small. After all, it’s just a matter of looking around for something easier to find. So how about a diamond-shaped nightstand? It would be an interesting choice for a small bedroom. The side table is nice and simple and it can be sued either as a table or a nightstand. It’s a great piece to complement such a décor.

Matin Dallin is a designer that created this very interesting-looking “twin bed”. He basically just used a simple bed frame which he hid behind a white painting. This way the bed is left alone and the painting is not visible. It’s a very nice and strange way of decorating the bed. If you’re interested in the title then you can read more about this collection of three matching beds. Twin beds are obviously wonderful and you can choose from a lot of different models and designs, including one with a bench instead of a headboard. If you’re interested in the whole concept and all the steps that have to be taken then you might want to expand your knowledge.

2 Twin Beds And 1 Side Table By Matin Dallin Photo 3

2 Twin Beds And 1 Side Table By Matin Dallin Photo 4