Have you ever thought about having a home full of tangerine balloons? Well, then this bachelor pad ideas might be perfect for you. The main attraction of this place is represented by the large variety of balls, called “barn”, which are put together and hung at the end of the bed. Each balloon is different and has its own personality and color.

The main attraction and the sensation of relaxation that you get when you choose this kind of beds is created by the presence of the black and white patterns of the balls, which are the key element and rhythm of this kind of place.The room is overall very elegant and small details are very important to take care of it. There is one wall in all of this bachelor pad where you can admire the beautiful decorations made by the girl from the house embroidered on the bed sheets.

For a price between € 48.34 and 49.34 euros per night, this place could become your dream apartment. You will be fascinated by the colors the girls from the bed have chosen and will like to wake up in a place like this every single day.

Bachelor Pad Ideas From Maison Handmade Photo 3

Bachelor Pad Ideas From Maison Handmade Photo 4