Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Retro Bathroom Design

If you are having a hard time coming back to your bathroom and finding the right style, then this retro bathroom design may be the best choice for you. The design features of this bathroom allow the use of using […]

Coconut Chair By Paola Bagna

The coconut chair has a very interesting structure. It’s a typical handbag rack object, very useful in the house. This particular piece was designed by Paola Bagna for Crochet and it’s made of recycled soft mering iratiles with 80mm inflatable […]

Vertical Garden In An Urban Environment

In an effort to create some contrast and to bring more natural light into the complex, the architect Estúdio Martins have integrated a vertical garden into a concrete bunker. It sits in the backyard and it’s surrounded by a wooden […]

Bachelor Pad Ideas From Maison Handmade

Have you ever thought about having a home full of tangerine balloons? Well, then this bachelor pad ideas might be perfect for you. The main attraction of this place is represented by the large variety of balls, called “barn”, which […]

Neutral Color Schemes For The Modern Bathroom

Neutral colors don’t have a very original characterization of being “neutral”; they are often misunderstood and seen as boring, or even unattractive. However, even the tiniest of bathrooms can benefit from a little “color drama”; go over the designers gallery […]