Kitchen is a place where you can find everything you need to make your day comfortable. If you need a place to eat or a room where you can relax you can go to the cinema, to a bar or even a restaurant. Sometimes in order to make them comfortable, people really think of turning their kitchen into a living room or a bedroom for example.

It is a place like nobody else could ever pitch. That is why it is called the “kitchen” and that is because is nowhere else there is anything like it. The professional designers from Corazzin seem that were too lazy to include a kitchen in the list of other places and they therefore tried to create a different image, but totally separate from the usual kitchen. Its exterior is designed entirely in wood and the interior does not have any plastic or metallic objects.

There are used comfortable couches, nice wooden floors which make of it a warm and relaxing place. At the counter top, that looks like the table of a chess piece, here you can see different modern seats with attractive patterns like : square, rectangle, square. The spacious closets are also used in order to avoid a problem of space under the black leather benches.

Kitchen Renovation Pictures From Corazzin Photo 3

If you want to feel the spirit of high art there are some beautiful paintings on the walls, a glass sculpture on the main façade and a modern wood gas fireplace, a piece of furniture which is also the kitchen table, also the kitchen table.

Kitchen Renovation Pictures From Corazzin Photo 4

Everything is arranged in order to create a new place where you can feel nice and comfortable. Even the McDonald kitchen is under alcove bases, a place where you can find a black metal grill where you can cook something sweet. A sideboard is added for a more relaxed dining. The bedrooms are full of light thanks to the big windows.

A small private terrace where you can sit and admire the surrounding is the best place where you can do whatever you want to in the open air. You can even take a nap on the terrace, enjoying the still air and the beautiful views over the mountains.