This project was designed by James & Mau and it’s located in Garden City, New York. The name of the project was appropriately chosen because of the abundant nature surrounding it. The pool landscape that this house occupies is a unique and beautiful example of landscaping, featuring an open area set around a swimming pool and containing an elongated lap pool adjacent to it.

The majority of the landscape is flat and features green areas that let the house adapt to the climate. This means that the winter sun can’t get inside the house so the hot summer sun doesn’t get inside so the hot summer sun doesn’t disturb the other areas of the garden. The house was designed to have strong connections to the outdoors. It has wooden shingles on the exterior walls and it has large windows and glass walls that let the outdoors in.

The interior design features many beautiful features such as the wood from the floor to the ceiling, the little black trim and the beautiful green grass. The marble kitchen with delicate,detail made of fine materials such as porcelain and wood and which extends from one side of the room to the other can be found on the large kitchen island that also extends to both the dining area. The flowing line of the dining room gives the whole room a moving atmosphere.

Pool Landscaping Design By James & Mau Photo 3