Renewed an old, brick home and creating a modern addition was a project that the creative team at Studio Hacks had to take into account several barriers and disadvantages. The first one was the fact that the house was old and although there were some nice additions done to the back of the house from the beginning, they didn’t really blend in quite so well. The new additions in the back also looked quite different from the old ones.

The entire interior of the house was redesigned. It’s now more modern and bright. Besides the changes made to the front of the house, the team also added an extension to the back. It’s a simple piece that gives the house more light and more space. It’s a design elements that helps the owners adapt to the changing seasons.

The back of the house features an open terrace that leads to the back entrance area. It’s a semi-enclosed space and it’s also used as an outdoor living area, great for sunny days and gloomy days. The extension also had other functions such as a bathroom, a guest room, a study that can be used as a garage and a garage for other vehicles. The front of the house was transformed as well. It became more dynamic, with large openings and lots of storage space that was left untouched.{found on designboom}.