Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Olive Green Wall In The Dining Room

Your dining room should be a place where people enjoy pleasant moments together. It should be a relaxing and pleasant space and also the place where dinner is celebrated. Thus the use of some very beautiful decorative elements like the […]

Blue Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Almost all girls were inspired by princesses and fairy tales. They liked to keep the things that they possessed and they idolized these characters and they gave birth to many beautiful and interesting things. So most girls dream of being […]

Open Storage Apartment Interior Design

If you’re lucky enough to own a spacious apartment then you probably already know how difficult it can be to decorate such a space and to personalize it. It’s not about the size of the apartment but about the interior […]

Slanting Ceiling Interior By Antoni Associates

This contemporary apartment is located in South Africa. It was designed by Antoni Associates. Slanting ceiling interior by Antoni Associates: “The flat roof condition was addressed in order to create a double height space inside the flat and to accommodate […]

Chic Dining Rooms With Gallery Ceilings

Gallery ceilings are a very common architectural feature in the case of modern and contemporary homes. They are becoming more and more popular because the modern and contemporary interior designs focus on the uniqueness of the architectural details. This term […]

Koi Ponds From Ananas Fisher

We all have a way of bringing nature into our homes. We use plants, rocks, wood pieces and whatever else we can find around us that helps us bring a piece of nature inside and make the most of it. […]