If you’re the type that enjoys taking DIY projects to new levels, you’re probably running around budgeting left over. Even if you were able to purchase your own house, it would be incredibly difficult to turn your hobby into a full-time job. And if you do, you might need some guidance. We might be just about the right resource for you.

We might be the right tool for you. Check out this list of bedroom accessories that you really need in your bedroom and figure out what budget you’re going to spend on each acquisition.

1. Headboard.

Bedroom Accessories Budget Guide – What To Look For Photo 3

One of the many things we do in our homes, we tend to leave decoration styles and items around the house to our friends and loved ones, and when it comes to their bedrooms, those probably don’t stop for too long. Headboards add a sense of comfort, security and protection to your bedroom.

2. Linen & Succulents.

After a few salads and a pair of bath salts, it’s time to bring out some of nature’s art – in the form of the beautiful colors of this adorable duo. Succulents and delicate fronds are the perfect way to dress up the dullest, dullest spaces.

3. Pigments, Mineral Scents & Lipstick In One.

This is such a cool, sophisticated way to dress up those bare, white walls. It’s comfortable, welcoming but still very stylish in looks, all the while having the very least amount of dirt, hair and dust accumulating on it.

4. Chocolate, Red & Grey.

This rich shade of pink will envelop your bedroom in a cozy, relaxing charm after a couple of evening showers. We’re loving the contrast, the warmth and the freshness of this rich, neutral color pair.

5. Red & Grey.

Challenges come in all the shapes of life and in every place of the house. If you find the right ways to dress up your space, athletys and sharptics will come out with champagne skimps and sparkles.

6. Brown & Pink.

It’s multicultural, it’s diverse and it’s always on trend. But what’s wonderful about this color pairing is its spontaneity and utter lack of rules, as you can see here!

7. Blue & Yellow.

For a bit of sunny romance, try out some courageous colors that can be quite upbeat. A bit of sunshine can do wonders as well!

8. Purple & Lime.

This isn’t quite like the colorful version of honeymoon, but with a certain autumn flair, it’ll bring a joyful style to your bedroom.{found on villaspor}.

9. Orange & Purple.

Purple and its nuances will always give a room a masculine vibe. Mix it with a cool shade of grey and you’ve got a room that’s full of life.

10. Green & Black.

7 would be a safe pick, but for those with a more vintage spirit, go with a green and black scheme. It’ll be relaxing and cozy, but an infused of fashion-forward energy.