When you hear the word “garage” you immediately associate it with a storage room, a dark-filled space that you use to store your bags and shoes or maybe the clothes you wear when you leave the house. It’s a familiar image, the type that follows you, that makes you associate it with something relaxing and comfortable.

It’s true that iron and clothes cannot possibly meet in a common store, but there are some exceptions. Checkerboard flooring is one of them. Checkerboard flooring is one of the oldest floors used in living rooms, which dates back to the 16th century. It was originally called agenda that was later added to the walls of the royal palace after marble flooring got it. The name came from French lottery members that used this method of flooring.

Fireplace With Stockings By Vicki Olson Photo 2

The history of this method of flooring is long and you can trace the introduction of it to the French province of Château de la Roches. That particular building that used to be called La Roches was located in France, there where it had a republican style and was declared a National Historic Landmark by UNESCO in the late 19th century.

The name La Roches given to the building represents the French concept of ground-floor or first floor and it’s also the French name for the buildings that later became residential. Its construction used to be a 19th century merger of several buildings from the center of Paris. The building served as a grocery store, a restaurant, a club and a wood store for about 100 years before it got abandoned.

Today the building is a popular shopping spot and also a beautiful loft/apartment. Moreover, it currently remains f the home of the owners, a young professional that wanted to leave his roots and to enjoy them after a period of time. He entrusted the renovation of the building to his friend, the architect Rita Huñard, who is an interior designer that used to work for the fashion sector.

The architect liked the building and wanted to preserve its original charm and perhaps even made some changes themselves during the process. They decided that they wanted to work with rather than against the existing structure. As a result, they removed almost everything from the interior, leaving only the pure wooden beams that were there. They repositioned the furniture and restored the décor. This way, the house now features a spacious living room and a fully equipped kitchen, both areas benefiting from the natural light coming from the windows that have been preserved.

There are many beautiful architectural details throughout the house. They are all antique and they contribute to an overall balanced and unique décor. The old and the new come together harmoniously, forming a harmonious and inspiring mix.