Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Purple Decorations Ideas For Your Home

One of the most difficult things to do when decorating your home is finding the right balance between the colors you use and the textures and patterns you use. It’s particularly hard when you want to invigorate a space while […]

Banner Diy Apartment Interior Design

This is the home of Scott and Raggers family, a Seattle-based couple. It’s a contemporary flat with a modern interior and I can only describe it as a modern take on a mountain chalet. Scott and Ricky since moved in […]

Christmas Eve Ideas For Home

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays and it’s celebrated in almost all corners of the world. If you’re the one hosting the holiday, then you’re probably tired of cleaning the house and getting ready to celebrate. It might […]

Lace Decorations Made Of Copper

This is a project that originated from Bob Palmer who exposed himself to be a creative person and, without any doubt, he is brilliant. We all know he is indeed creative and brilliant and we admire how able he found […]

Fake Poinsettias By Kelly Mars

I love the look of fresh flowers, especially if it is in a finger-sized version. I also love the idea of making a faux plant. If you do not have any petalli or if you do not have the time […]

Barn Board Projects For The Winter

It’s not winter yet but it’s the time to start thinking about it. So start by cleaning the place and then plan a nice big dinner. Cozy it up with some outdoor furniture and create a cozy area. Try to […]