This is the home of Scott and Raggers family, a Seattle-based couple. It’s a contemporary flat with a modern interior and I can only describe it as a modern take on a mountain chalet. Scott and Ricky since moved in here in 2006 and they enjoy spending time together. They also consider themselves a bohemian couple.

The owners of this place are two art collectors. Scott and Ricky wanted to make it feel like home and they also wanted it to include large paintings. It’s why they chose to include a variety of large pieces in the décor. It’s a really interesting choice. It means that the owners are not living in a cluttered space where they have things all over the place. Instead they choose to find style in things as well as items taken from one another.

The wall from where the paintings are being hung is thick and solid and it matches perfectly the wall behind it. The paintings and all the other creations are individual pieces that have been collected by Scott and Ricky, and they show very well in the natural environment. I also like the fact that the couple has a special gift of a large dinosaur. But let’s take a look at the pictures and decide if that’s just a fantasy or not.