The first thing you might notice upon entering this apartment is the Scandinavian décor. In this case, the combination of minimalist and sophisticated. The room features simple lines and without any unnecessary details. Notice the lack of artwork, or even traditional accessories. The owner wanted this space to be a quiet and relaxing retirement home.

The Scandinavian interior design also includes a series of other European influences, but it’s necessarily Dutch influences. The couch is almost entirely made of white furniture and the floor has a natural wood shade. In the living room there’s that dark grey shade that makes the whole atmosphere, but not all the colors used. There’s a recess that houses a fireplace, and also the dining room and bathroom.

In the kitchen there’s that dark grey stuff, that’s natural wood. The only splash of color where red and blue are very much combined is that lovely painting hanging above the sofa. It’s beautiful, simple and modern.{found on NovaDeco}