Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nastasi

The loft ceiling is a special architectural detail that can be best described in one word: open. In fact, a loft ceiling has an inner space that allows it to be viewed from outside as a room with a view […]

Ceiling With Beams And Glass

This modern loft is located in the Belgrade District in Serbia and it’s a very interesting addition to the urban landscape. It occupies an area of 120 square meters and it was designed by ARCH.CTOURCE. It’s a two-story loft with […]

Slanting Ceiling Interior By Antoni Associates

This contemporary apartment is located in South Africa. It was designed by Antoni Associates. Slanting ceiling interior by Antoni Associates: “The flat roof condition was addressed in order to create a double height space inside the flat and to accommodate […]

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nades

The structure on which the loft ceiling is placed is a common one, depending on the environment and on the functions that are placed there but also on the shape and the material from which the whole structure is made. […]

Loft Ideas – Scandinavian House Design Ideas

The first thing you might notice upon entering this apartment is the Scandinavian décor. In this case, the combination of minimalist and sophisticated. The room features simple lines and without any unnecessary details. Notice the lack of artwork, or even […]

Brick Wall Restaurant

You’re probably familiar with the image of a room with high ceilings, large glass walls and pitch skylights. It’s probably the room of the house that has a dramatic effect on the decorating style and on the interior décor itself. […]

Kitchen Shelving System

This is a modular shelving system. It’s composed of block modules. The modules have different shapes and sizes. This allows you to use them separately or with groups. This way you can create your own design that suits your space. […]