Have a look at this tiny kitchen. It may not be very spacious or extensive but it’s definitely very charming. The kitchen was designed by Alain Gilles. The living room was designed by Jung Chang. The living room and the bedroom are the other areas. In total, the apartment has 4 bedrooms.

Of course, besides the living room and the bedroom, the apartment also has a home office, a guest bathroom, 2 bathrooms and a spacious kitchen. The living room is definitely the most interesting space of all. It has many windows on two sides and it’s a very bright room with floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides. In addition to that, it also has a floating bookcase, a large wall mirror and coffee table that seems to be part of the kitchen furniture.

The living room is probably the most colorful room of all. It has a very friendly and inviting décor with red carpets and exposed wooden beams on one of the walls. The light-colored wooden flooring adds transparency to the room, making it seem larger.

The furniture is nicely inserted into the décor and the color palette is very beautiful overall. There’s a nice balance between casual and elegant pieces of furniture as well as the classical and modern ones.

There’s a very nice sense of continuity in this apartment. Everything seems to have been built in, to save space and to create a harmonious décor.{found on site}.