Have you ever seen a lighting system that was so funny an other didn’t? How about “joieongjin joo”? Of course, it’s not so funny because it’s literally a lamp that looks like a bunch of hot air balloons but it’s quite beautiful. The name of the collection is very suggestive in this case. It gives a new meaning to the term, “joieong joo“, which is the Japanese term for light bulb.

The lamp is very funny because it has such a curiously-looking design. It’s a contemporary piece that gives the impression of a bigger lamp. It’s the perfect home accessory for the office as well. Its white porcelain shell is reminiscent of the hot air balloons and the lamp is the perfect size for when you need one. It comes in white and transparent pieces and it’s available in two sizes.

The Lamp is available in a white, grey, blue, or smoke grey and in four colours of interior paint. It would make a great choice for the kid’s room, because it has a cute design and it might actually help him sleep better. It might not be a big piece, but it’s the perfect size for him.

Hanging Light Bulbs By Tom Dixon Photo 3

Hanging Light Bulbs By Tom Dixon Photo 4